Current projects

A Decadal Plan for taxonomy and systematics in Australia and New Zealand
Taxonomy and systematics is a foundational science for all biodiversity sciences, and yet throughout the world it is consistently poorly funded, often with declining funds through time. Working with colleagues in the Council of Heads of Australasian Herbaria (CHAH), Council of Heads of Australian Faunal Collections (CHAFC), Australasian Systematic Botany Society (ASBS) and Society of Australian Systematic Biologists (SASB), I'm working towards the preparation of a Decadal Plan for our discipline in Australia and New Zealand. ...Read more >

Identifying Australia's Plants — A key to all flowering plants in Australia
If taxonomy and systematics are foundational sciences for biodiversity, then identification keys are the means to bring taxa — the products of taxonomy — to the people. Identification keys for organisms are the principal means by which a user can find the name of an unknown specimen, thus unlocking the wealth of information for which the name is a key. In Australia, many species of flowering plants, including rare and important ones, cannot be readily identified because the relevant identification key has not yet been written. And yet, an identification key to all flowering plants of Australia is within our grasp. ...Read more >