flickr Photostream

If you're as keen on plants as I am, check out my flickr Photostream, a collection of thousands of macro photos mostly of Western Australian plants, many never before photographed. All are available free for use under a Creative Commons CC-BY license. A few personal favourites are below.

All the photos are taken using various Nikon cameras mounted in a darkfield light box (that can be operated in the field) with fixed halogen or LED lighting. Almost all are vouchered with specimens held at the Western Australian Herbarium. Photos are tagged with family, genus and species name (where known), so the photostream can be searched taxonomically.

Drosera erythrorrhiza (KRT 3515)

Byblis gigantea (F. Hort 2432)

Bossiaea eriocarpa (KRT 3046)

Lyginia barbata — female (KRT 3057)

Hodgsoniola junciformis (PERTH3053202)

Macgregoria racemigera (KRT 4805)

Alyogyne (KRT 4724)

Sesbania formosa (KRT 4576)