February 17–18 2016 — At a workshop in Canberra with other key representatives from the biodiversity collections community, helping the Atlas of Living Australia develop a strategic roadmap to guide future Atlas activities. Amongst other things, the workshop identified a need over the medium term for development of a traits library and management system; perhaps a new substantial extension for the Atlas and an area of particular interest for me.

February 11–12 2016 — In Brisbane, teaching a course for users of the Lucid software, a suite of programs provided by Identic, a biodiversity software company spun off from the University of Queensland's Centre for Biological Information Technology.

January 2016 — With funding from Cameco Australia, I'm working to establish good options for the conservation of Atriplex yeelirrie, a rare and interesting species restricted to two small populations at and near the site of a proposed uranium mine near Wiluna.

December 2015 — After nine years as Head of the Western Australian Herbarium, and with the establishment of Eubio, I'm returning to independence and contributions to biodiversity science through consulting rather than institutional leadership. To keep abreast of the great work of the Herbarium, check out it's Facebook page, including this post